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Testimonials for the CBT Anglia team at Chelmford Wellbeing Centre

Just like to say thanks for all your help with my depresion. You have given me some very useful tools to deal with everyday life, and a new and improved outlook on life. Im certainly feeling a lot happier in myself, and for me it didn’t take too many sessions. So my advise would be, just give them a call, go along for a chat, you’ve got nothing to loose, and everthing to gain. Thanks again for all your help and advise.


2012 was a particularly difficult year for me. After suffering for much of the year I was diagnosed with OCD and associated anxiety at the beginning of 2013. I realised I was very much at a crossroads in my life. Thanks god I was able to find CBT Anglia and work with my brilliant therapist. I know its cliché but genuinely with their patience, commitment and guidance my life has changed markedly in so many positive ways. I can honestly say that this has been the toughest yet most rewarding thing which I have ever done. I would strongly recommend CBT Anglia.


From the beginning my therapist was extremely patient & friendly. When I arrived I was unsure of what my anxiety was all about and where it was coming from. CBT Anglia gave me the tools to help me cope with the day to day and overtime I learnt to deal with my anxiety and panic attacks in a positive way. Im very pleased that i decided to take this action in the early part of my panic attacks without that help I would have been in a darker place. Thank you for the help.


To think 18 months ago that I wouldn’t even leave the house compared to now regularly going up to London without any fear, seems to me to be nothing short of a miracle! This is all thanks to the staff at CBT Anglia who has been a rock to me throughout my treatment, offering extensive support to help encourage me through the many activities throughout my treatment in order to prove to myself that the fears I had, were purely all made up of bad thoughts. Each time I moved up the hierarchy of fears I felt such a sense of achievement which really gave me a boost to carry on. Every session was made fun with laughter from start to finish and a sense of complete trust. When I was first told to try this treatment I was very reserved as to whether it would work however now its proved to me the success it can achieve I am recommending it to everyone!


Room hire testimonials

The Centre is situated in a quiet location, yet very well served with public amenities and it’s very accessible, with about a couple of minutes walking distance from Chelmsford train, main bus, and taxi stations, and the nearby short-stay public car park. The internal presentation of the Centre is superb with equally superb conveniences, such as kitchen [with tea, coffee, etc.], neat waiting area, and clean separate male and female toilets. The consulting rooms are very clean, well decorated, and very conducive for therapeutic work with convenient chairs, wall-mounted white boards, and good lightings. The rooms have good heating facilities and are well ventilated. The online room booking is very user friendly.

Dr Benson Ikuesan

I have been seeing clients at the Chelmsford Wellbeing Centre since it opened in September 2015. The rooms I use (The Rogers Room and The Ellis Room) are well equipped and comfortable and the booking system couldn’t be easier. The whole centre has a warm therapeutic feel. All in all the Chelmsford Wellbeing Centre is an excellent place to see clients and also meet other professionals.

Shirley Glossop

My osteopathic practice is based at the Chelmsford Wellbeing Centre and I love it! It’s really easy for clients to find, parking is really close, with a couple of spaces even right outside. The train station and bus station are about a 1min walk away. The rooms are lovely, clean and well furnished and the waiting area is great with tea and coffee making facilities for all. It’s a mixed practice so lots of other, lovely and really interesting people there and the intercom/buzzer is great so you don’t have to pop out of a session to open the door. It’s a really lovely place to work with lots of opportunity for collaboration.

Jane Allen

I am a CBT Therapist and I have been renting therapy rooms for a couple of years in different locations. I have had lots of positive feedback from clients about the Chelmsford wellbeing centre, it is in an ideal and easy to find location. Most importantly, it has a really comforting feel, clients feel relaxed as they can help themselves to tea and coffee in the waiting area. The rooms are well lit and decorated and help clients to feel at ease when attending sessions. The whiteboards in each room are essential for me, and the comfortable furniture helps to give the rooms a very ‘at-home’ feel. The buzzer system is also very helpful and makes seeing clients a lot easier and as there is the option of downstairs or upstairs rooms this is helpful for clients with limited mobility.

Gemma Boyd

I have had the pleasure of using all four rooms this Centre has to offer. This well presented, clean Victorian terrace house will not disappoint. The Centre is conveniently situated in the heart of Chelmsford, with rail and bus links minutes away and plenty of car park options. The therapy rooms are light, airy and well decorated. There is a window, a large white board, additional heating and soft lighting options available in every room, which make them really appealing to clients. The 2-way intercom is a really useful feature, allowing clients to buzz directly to your individual room when they arrive. Refreshments, kitchen facilities and Wi-Fi are also Included in the hire price. I would highly recommend the Chelmsford Wellbeing Centre to fellow health care professionals and their clients.

Claire Littlejohn