Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling and Psychotherapy are types of talking therapies, which allow you to share your feelings and concerns in a safe and confidential environment.

The terms are used interchangeably and there are several different models of therapy but in general these talking processes will allow you to gain a deeper understand of yourself and your problems, will give you some clarity and will help you to seize back control of your life.

Counselling tends to be offered as a short term treatment, which can range from one session onwards. It may reference the past but it tends to focus mainly on the here and now.

Counselling will provide you with a regular and safe space to talk and explore difficult feelings. You will not be given advice, but you will be helped to find your own insights into and understanding of your problems.

Psychotherapy tends to be offered as a longer term course of treatment for those with more complex, longstanding emotional and physical difficulties. The length of treatment will depend on you and your needs, but it can range from several months to 1-2 years. It looks at thoughts, feelings and behavioural patterns in detail and focuses on the root and the development of your problem.